Online Sportsbooks Smarts: 10 Warning Signs of Bad Books and Shady Numbers

Sports betting has become more popular with the accessibility provided by the Internet. It’s now possible for anyone to get involved in sports betting that interests them. Online sportsbooks make it easier for many people to access the world of gambling in sports as diverse as baseball, basketball, boxing, football, golf, hockey, horse racing, mixed martial arts and soccer. Caution should be used when selecting an online sportsbook, tough as some are not operated with ethics in mind. How can you tell the good books from the bad?

Well, here are 10 warning signs of bad books and shady numbers.

Beware of Unusually High or Out of the Norm Bonuses

If the sportsbook has typically never offered more than a 10% bonus but now offers a 25% bonus with a low rollover, you could be in danger. This may be a ploy to get more people to bet or get people to place higher bets with no intention of paying out.

Reduced Juice

Many sites use Reduced Juice to lure and keep customers and the practice is catching on. However, if your spider sense starts tingling you should probably pay attention. Something might not be right here.

Price Hike

It is not uncommon for the price of anything to rise but if the sportsbook raises his prices in conjunction with other warning signs on this list, it could be an indicator that the book is financial trouble. It is best to steer clear.

Marketing Technique Tip Off

If the sportsbook starts targeting new customers or change their marketing approach, it can mean there is a problem or he acting out of sheer desperation. Things to watch for might include cold calls and unusual bonuses.

Delayed Payment Techniques

No one likes t pay but that’s part of the business for a sportsbook. If your account is suddenly audited after your payout process has begun or you get a lot of excuses about the status of your payout, the book could be using stalling tactics.

Watch the Lines

There can be one of two things going on if the book has Obscure or Soft Lines. It could be that he doesn’t have much volume or that he is also betting on various sports events. Watch the lines.

New Owners

There is always risk when new owners or managers come on board. If there is frequent turnover, this could be a sign of serious problem with the business.

Forum Posts

Sometimes customers will receive messages, even though the use of forum posts, which are intended to offer a great deal especially for them. This may be a ruse to drive up capital before the book disappears with your money. Use common sense before proceeding.

Book-to-Book Transfers

Sportsbooks know one another and often transfer between themselves. Since they know one another, an abrupt stop of transfers between books can signal a problem that you should pay attention to.

Other Players

If other players are commenting about the slowness of payments or non-payments, this book may have financial trouble of his own. You would do well to move along.

Doing some research before you start using a particular sportsbooks’ services can save you aggravation and money over the long haul. The unregulated nature of the industry leaves customers open to possible fraud and abuse. If you take the time to investigate the book and you listen to your instincts, you can save yourself some serious frustration.