What is the Worst Online and Very Best Sportsbook

There are a variety of factors that go into deciding the best and worst online sportsbook services. Everything from the bonuses offered and the types of wagers that gamblers can make to the financial transactions system and payout reliability are all part of the evaluation of an online sportsbook service.

When you search for online sportsbooks the number of links returned may seem overwhelming. But if you have a plan in place and know what you are looking for it will be easy for you to determine the worst online and very best sportsbook service.

Worst Online Sportsbook Services

The worst online sportsbook services are often services that haven’t been in business very long, don’t have a large client base and may offer great bonuses and odds for wagers because they have no intention of making a payout. Don’t get sucked into a scam sportsbook site, research and find out the sites’ reputation and reliability before you put your money into their hands. There are several offshore online betting sites that have been “blacklisted” for scamming sports gamblers. Some to avoid include #1 Cyber Sport Betting, 007 Bets, 07 Sports, #1 Sportbook and 1 on 1 Football Sports Betting. Any sportsbook site that doesn’t have company information displayed on the site and a history of reliable payouts should be avoided at all costs. Due to the huge number of scams and bad sportsbooks it’s almost impossible to pinpoint the worst online sportsbook services.

Very Best Sportsbook Services

The very best online sportsbook service is by far Top Bet. With 5-star ratings in the following categories:

  • Overall
  • Bonus Rating
  • Payout Rating
  • Service Rating
  • Sports Rating

And a 50% deposit bonus Top Bet has not been around for very long, but they’ve built a solid reputation for timely payouts and excellent deposit bonuses. With amazing customer service by phone and via email as well as a great selection of sports Top Bet may not be the oldest online sportsbook but it is the very best sportsbook service. Along with Top Bet are a few other well known sportsbook names that are very good. Bovada, SBG Global, Betonline and SportsBetting are all great online sportsbook.

As with the worst online sportsbook it’s hard to pinpoint the definite best online sportsbook. Each online sportsbook has features that appeal to some gamblers while turning other gamblers off of the site completely. Timely payouts, variety of wagers, reputation and bonuses are all factors in rating a sportsbook site.

Don’t take anyone’s word as to what is truly the best online sportsbook site, take the time to use your plan and evaluate the best sites to see if they are truly the best for you. Only you know what works for you, and from the variety of sites that have a good reputation and are considered to be the best in the category only you can make the specific decision to choose one site over the others. The technology that makes online sports betting possible also makes it possible for you to easily determine what the worst online and very best sportsbook is.